Monday, March 25, 2013

Super Hero Party

Lawson turned 4 this month and his only request was a Super Hero party, at first he wanted Ironman then it was Batman, so we just did it all, including Spiderman and Superman too! I had such fun planning this party and I think he had a really great time too!!

This was the cute invitation that I used. I ordered it and all the printables from here at Etsy.
peyton bc 1

This was my table-scape. I wrapped diaper boxes in red and blue paper and cut out black card stock for the "windows" and used a few of the kids toys to pull it all together. I tried my hand at making Spiderman and Batman themed sugar cookies, they turned out pretty cute and quite tasty too I might add! We had marshmallow pops, pretzel sticks, cupcakes, "kryptonite" punch and water. I forgot to get a picture with the "kryptonite" punch (lime sherbert with Sprite), but it was delicious!

The kids started off by making a Super Hero mask...

Then we headed out to the back for a Super Hero Obstacle Course to rescue Spiderman. They started off hopping through 6 hoola hoops, next they went "leaping over buildings", then they got to use their "super" strength to lift the heavy weight (which happened to be 2 styrofoam balls stuck to a dowel rod then spray painted black), and finally they rescued Spiderman after climbing through the spiderweb under our deck. The kids had a good time with this for sure!

A big "Thank You" to Uncle Joseph, Poppy, G-Dad and Adam for helping the kids!

Next it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat, everything went quick, so I'm guessing it was tasty! Emerson totally blew out the candle for Lawson so we had to relight it for him to blow out!

We had a lot of fun and Lawson had a blast!

Emerson loved the food, I'm pretty sure he at least ate 2 of everything, if not more!

Here's two of my Super Hero's!

And here's our two littlest Supermen...

I asked Lawson afterward what was his favorite part of the party and his answer was "everything"..."it was all sooooo fun!" I love that kid! He's super enthusiastic and I love that about him! I wish you could've heard him open up each gift, with each one he would say "I have been wanting one of these my WHOLE life" or "this is awesome, I've always wanted one of these!" It was pretty cute, it's obvious that he's a "chip off the ole block"!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate Lawson! He is a sweet little guy and we are oh so grateful God chose to place him in our family four years ago!! What fun it was to celebrate him with some of our friends and family! The kids got to take home a 3D Spiderman puzzle and a Super Hero bracelet that said "kapow" and "wham".


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