Sunday, March 10, 2013

High's But Mostly Low's...

Well, there have definitely been some highs and lows this weekend.

Friday's high: It was fun because Adam went and picked up Lawson's birthday present in his truck then we got to see him be so surprised at what he got, didn't have my camera on me when Adam pulled up, so I missed that photo op! He's been asking for a trampoline for a while...he definitely will enjoy sharing it with his brothers!

Friday's low: Emerson was still sick with the nastey stomach bug that he's had off and on for 2 weeks now and Ava Jane had to go back to the Doctor's office which made the 3rd trip to All For Kids in one week. Ava Jane had a check for her ear infection and respitory problems; her "wheezing" was all upper respitory stuff, so her lungs were clear which was a huge praise! However, her heart rate was low both on Monday and Friday (it was in the 80's when it should be closer to the 120-125 range) and she's only gained 2 ounces in the last 2 months (when she should be gaining 1/2 an ounce a day), so she currently weighs 13 lbs 15 oz (at almost 6 months old). Dr. Martin and Dr. Skelley both talked to Dr. Collins (one of her cardiologists at ACH) and he was most concerned with the lack of weight gain because it accompanies Turner's Syndrome which is a chromosomal defect that sometimes effects females who have Coarctation of their aorta; we will under go DNA testing for that in the next few months. We go back this Thursday for a weigh in and we're hoping she has gained a few ounces, you can join me in praying for that!

Saturday's high: The weather was A.MAZ.ING!! Oh I'm so ready for Spring and Saturday was such a teaser; it was beautiful. Peyton had his last Upwards Basketball game and in his words, they "dominated"...they scored a bunch which was so fun for him! I went to a baby shower then we spent the afternoon working in our backyard and setting up the trampoline. We pulled up metal edging, transplanted monkey grass and still have edging to put down and bark to lay, but it's coming together nicely...the boys loved jumping on the tramp!

I love a little color out on my deck, the purple kale and pansies add a pop that makes me just feel happy! C'mon Spring, I can't wait for you!!
photo copy 4

Saturday's Low: Emerson still having "water poo-poo". Sorry for TMI.

Sunday's High: Having a day to catch up on things since we were stuck in the house all the rainy day! So one of my projects was to organized socks. At my house we have lot of laundry and tons of socks in all shades of white and in oh so many different sizes so my Mom gave me the idea to take different colored sharpies and color code the boys socks by putting dots on each of the boys socks so that they can easily match their colored dots and help me at the same time to get their laundry done. Peyton is red, Lawson is blue and Emerson is black, I'll let you know how this goes in the future.

Sunday's VERY, VERY Low: Around lunch time Lawson started throwing up and he's literally gotten sick every 15 minutes all afternoon, then about 3:00 Peyton started with it too. It has not been pretty, between Adam and I it has been all hands on deck, and all the while Emerson continues to have "water poo-poo" it's a-no-good!! My stomachs been hurting a little this evening but I am hopeful its just sympathy pains and not the stomach bug!!

The Spenst' brought a little happy to our house, the boys are currently watching Wreck It Ralph and are loving it! Thanks for your thoughtfulness!!

And here they are laying on their "sick pallets" (beach towels with blankies). They are all so pitiful!

Well, that's the high's and low's, its mostly been lows, but that's life's hoping tomorrow is better!


  1. Praying hard for Ava Jane's health report next week and for over-all wellness at your home! The trampoline looks super fun--hope they get to enjoy it very soon.

  2. oh gosh Court. That stomach virus is just awful! Praying you all get well and stay well. Praying hard for little Ava Jane! Love you friend!


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