Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Weekend-Air Show 2012

Finally...I'm back online, after 3 trips to Best Buy to fix our computer, we finally walked out of there with a new replacement!  So I'm re-entering the blog world, hopefully with no more interuptions!

Last weekend we did a first for the all of us Head's; we attended the Air Show on Little Rock's Air Force Base.  I have to say I was filled with lots of memories of the military as we drove around on the Base...seeing all the brown signs with all kinds of acronymns and words, some familiar, some not so much, filled me with nostalgia of our four and half years spent in the Army at Fort Benning.  Everyone should have to spend some time in the Armed Forces, it has given me such a perspective and appreciation not only for the soldiers who fight for my freedoms day in and day out, but a really deep love for this wonderful country I have the priviledge to live in, I get teary just thinking about it!

I have to say that the show was fun, the boys had a great time watching the planes and getting to go inside some of them.   I was honestly a little apprehensive as the Blue Angels flew right over us, and as they seemingly "dodged" one another, it truly seemed that there might be a plane crash at any moment, but to all our delight, the show went on without a hitch!  There were many "ooo's" and "ahhhh's" as the boys were totally impressed with what they were seeing!  Lawson was very adament that he wanted to take a ride...we kept having to tell him, "not this time buddy, we're just watching the cool tricks". 


The funny part of the show was trying to keep the ear protection on Emerson, he cooperated some, but he HATED wearing it, I was worried he might go deaf from the EXTREMELY loud jets that were constantly flying over head....I resorted to just squeezing his ears when they flew over, and that wasn't all that pleasant either as you can see.

 We had a fun time hanging with friends and seeing the show!  You can see more fun pics with our friends at Carol's blog.
 My only complaint, or warning to those who go next year, is the traffic is HORRIBLE!  We were literally on the Base an hour and forty-five minutes in a line waiting to park before we could even see the planes....then we waited in a line for almost 45 minutes to turn out of the lane we were parked in when we were trying to leave, finally Adam just started weaving through the parking lot and we were off quickly from there, but my goodness, no one was directing traffic and it was getting a bit hairy in our car!  Thankfully we had a some snacks, a few sips left in our cups and a DVD player that was working!!

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