Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Praying For My Boys...

If you're anything like me, you probably pray for your kids constantly, for them to know the Lord, for their hearts to be turned toward Him earlier rather then later, for different character qualities, for their protection physically, spiritually and emotionally, etc. But sometimes I find myself praying the same things over and over again, wishing that I could come up with different ways to pray more specifically for each boy, for their individual bents and unique character qualities.

I was given this book, "While They Are Sleeping-12 Character Traits to Pray For Your Child" by Anne Arkins and Gary Harrel and I LOVE it! They've laid it out in such a way that you spend a week (5 days) praying for a specific character quality including everything from kindness to teachability, from discernment to purity. It's wonderful because they have different definitions of what each character quality is (that you can share with your children) as well as verse references that speak to that particular topic. In addition, they have prayers for you to pray for your child. You can pray through the daily prayers all at once during your devotional time or you could use them throughout the day. There's also a Personal Prayer section that will help you consider a character trait as it uniquely applies to your child and his/her circumstances. At the end of each section there's a You and Me Time and suggestions on How To Live It Out that are wonderfully helpful! I highly recommend this book, you can follow this link to get a copy!

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