Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Olympics

While some people will go to the Olympics in London this summer, we've been having our own Shades Mountain Olympic Games this week at VBS! We lit the torch and have been having all kinds of races and relays!
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A sea of red and little faces, 1200 faces to be exact!
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The kids were asked to "Accept the Challenge" to Prepare (just as Jesus had to prepare and learn about God as He grew), to have Self Discipline (even when Satan tempts us, we can put on the armor of God), to be Passionate (just as Jesus passionately loved people and showed His love through many miracles), to Sacrifice (out of our love for Jesus because of His love that was ultimately exhibited on the cross) and to be Accountable (to fulfill God's great commission). Here, they're looking at pictures through "God's Eye's" and determining which pictures please the Lord...they loved this activity!
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The kids have learned many things and have really absorbed all that they've been hearing and learning which is so fun to see!

We've played outside, had races and relays, sang lots of songs and done a lot of we talked about the fact that when Jesus died on the cross it took away all our sins (our dirtiness) and that when we ask Him for forgiveness He wipes us all clean and makes us holy. So to give them a visual we "cleaned" dirty pennies with a vinegar and salt mixture that made the pennies all shiny and "new"...the kids enjoyed seeing this.
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Here's Lawson dancing during music...
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Here's "Moby" and "Mimi" reviewing the days Bible story with the kids...
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The memory verse for the week has been I Timothy 4:12 "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers, in speech, in life, in love in faith and in purity." They've loved singing the song from Seeds of Worship, it's truly made the verse easy to memorize!


We've had a great week so far, its hard to believe tomorrow's the last day. The best part for me (as a parent and teacher) has been to see the kids passionately worshipping and singing to the Lord and to also hear them answer the review questions from the Bible story---knowing that they now have nuggets of truth stored in their minds and hearts! I praise the Lord that His truths are applicable to us no matter our age and pray that we would all actively pursue and "Accept the Challenge" to do ALL that God calls us to do!

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