Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend in Review: A Visit

My parents came for a quick visit this weekend, it's always fun to have them.
Because the weather was very yucky, we were sort of stuck in the house, but the boys did manage to seize their only opportunity on Friday where there was a small four hour window where no rain fell, so they decided to go play golf. They were literally the only ones on the course, but they said they had fun. Who ever has a whole course all to themselves?

And the rain never keeps a good shopper Mom and I hit up several stores including Macy's, Belk and Arden B...I had a bit of a shopping spree, but it was all late winter/early spring transitional clothes that were on sale, so that makes me feel better! It's so much more fun shopping with someone!

We played several games, one of our favorites is Headbanz, a funny game where you ask questions trying to figure what object/thing/animal is on your head...its really fun to play! Unfortunately didn't get a picture of Mom and Dad but we were all in on the game!
Then there was Mexican Train...
Picnik collage
And here's the final's hard to bounce back when you get 137 points on the first round! YUCK!

We put together some puzzles...
Picnik collage
Here's Peyton doing his 3D Spider Man puzzle..."it's so cool Mom!"
Picnik collage

We watched several movies and ate lots of good food which all adds up to fun memories being made. By the way, DO NOT rent "One Day" with Anne Hathaway, it was TERRIBLE, we just turned it off.

And here's our little cookie thief stealing yet another...oh well its the weekend and grandparents are on!

So there it is, our weekend in review! Hope y'alls was restful and filled with memories made!


  1. Lawson looks SO big in that last picture! How did our babies grow up so fast?!?!?!

  2. Hey, Courtney! I have seen you coming and going at the ELC and at church, but I have never taken the time to introduce myself. I came across your blog today at the SMBC Women's blog and thought I'd leave a comment to say hi. Your boys are precious! I'll add your blog to my reader. Have a great day!


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