Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goal: A Memory Jar

A good friend of mine sent me this great present for Christmas.
Its a simple way to keep up with cute and funny things the kids say. The idea is to not let the year go by without jotting down all those things that make family life special. Kids say the funniest things, but sometimes the day goes by and we can't quite remember the details when we go back to tell our hubby. These sweet conversations happen between parents and children and we want to keep them close to our heart. Family outings and trips remind us of God's blessings on our lives, and somehow the specialness slips from memory over time. But not this year!! We're gonna begin a new tradition in 2012, we'll use the slips of paper that she included in the container to record our family memories, then on New Year's Day next year we will recount the joys (and possibly some crazy, not so joyous moments) of family life from the year before.

I'll leave you with one of our first ones in the jar. This conversation occurred at the dinner table on Jan 3rd, it was quite random for sure:
Peyton:"Dad, why do you have hair in your nose?"
Adam looks up at me and asks, "Do I have hair sticking out of my nose?"
To which I replied, "No honey, I have no idea what he's talking about."
Then everyone went back to eating like nothing had been said...just a random conversation!
So, there's a funny Head memory to recount in 12 months...I still have no idea why Peyton asked that...who knows what conversations and funny thoughts will come out next but I look forward to each of them!

How about you, have you had any funny conversations with your kids lately?

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  1. I hope your jar gets filled with many super funny, hair in the nose moments all year long!! Love you!


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