Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Last Thing From 2011

Well I know its the New Year but I have a few things left to blog about that I didn't get done before our ski trip and Christmas vacation.

The boys had Christmas parties at school and did a really sweet Christmas program all about Baby Jesus. Here's Peyton with some of his classmates...
Picnik collage
Lawson's class sang songs and rang their bells, he really liked it, though he pretended to be shy (or mad) little boy in his class kept calling out, from the stage, "Hey Dad, look at me!" That was pretty funny!
Picnik collage
They also played the sticks...again, its up for debate if he was mad or acting shy.
Peyton's class sang several songs about the animals that were probably living in the stable, so they all wore different animal ears, he was a donkey. He gets extremely embarrassed in situations like this and usually just shuts down all together while up on stage, but I was completely impressed, at first his motions were quite small and not done with much gusto, but toward the end he was doing the motions and singing full out, I was so proud of him!
Picnik collage
Here's the sleepy donkey!
We decorated sugar cookies with the Lowery kids and from the looks of the pictures, the icing was a huge hit...
Picnik collage
Honestly there probably was more icing scooped into their mouths then actually on the cookies! And just to keep it real here on Head Happenings, the next morning, Lawson's poop was the brightest shade of green I have EVER seen, it was truly unbelievable, didn't have it in me to take a picture of that, aren't you glad?!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Here were some of the cookies that actually turned out! We had fun!

Well its officially out with 2011 and in with 2012! Hope you all had a Happy New Year and will have a blessed 2012!

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