Monday, January 9, 2012

Emerson Turns ONE!

It is truly hard to believe that today marks a full year that Emerson Clark has been in our family.
He has completely stolen our hearts and we are all in love with him!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
He really is what we affectionately call, "Easy Goin' Emerson", though I guess being #3 kind of requires that you roll with the schedule of two older brothers.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

-He is 22 lbs
-He is getting two top teeth that are just under the gums and he has 2 teeth on the bottom
-He is cruising all over the place but not taking steps on his own yet, though he loves to push his walker
-He has stood by himself one time for a few seconds
-He loves eating just about anything we put infront of him...he really enjoys Cutie oranges cut into tiny bites, he enjoys his apple and cinnamon oatmeal in the mornings, he really likes Chick Fil A chicken nuggets torn up into teeny pieces and loves any kind of bread
-He is drinking out of a sippy cup really well
-He is drinking whole milk now and seems to have transitioned to it well
-He has recently found his tongue and has begun moving it in and out of his mouth really fast making the "blah blah blah" sound...he will mimic Adam and I when we do this with him
-He enjoys pressing all the buttons on our phones and remote controls
-He's also recently developed an opinion and he will throw his head back if he doesn't like what's going on
-He easily climbs the 2 flights of stairs and can get up there in no time flat
-He says both "Mama" and "Dada" along with "Uh Oh"
-He is a mover and shaker, he's constantly moving while sitting in the highchair, or sitting in our laps, one of his favorite things to do is bump back and forth in his highchair, he thinks its hilarious and gets to laughing so hard at himself, its pretty cute to watch
-He loves to get in on the wrestling that takes place between Peyton, Lawson and Daddy...its so cute, when the others are going at it on the floor, he can't stand to not be up in the middle of it all as well
-He's still in his Chicco carseat but it won't be long before we're in a big boy seat and turned around facing forward, he'll love it when we do that
Picnik collage
He was completely enthralled with the cupcake, he was even trying to eat the paper wrapper to get all that yummy icing! It was quite a mess to clean up, but he had a big time for sure!
Picnik collage
Happy Birthday sweet boy!


  1. Love this! He is so precious. It is wild how much he looks like Peyton! Miss you!


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