Friday, June 3, 2011

A Mom and her boys

Are these outfits not precious?!

My mom got these adorable outfits by Mulberry Street they are white and blue seersucker with appliqued turqouise fish with bright yellow and orange tails. Originally it started as a birthday gift for Lawson, then we decided it was so cute that we started looking to see if we could find a coordinating outfit for both Peyton and Emerson. My mom searched all over the internet and even talked to the company directly to find the ONE and ONLY outfit that they made in a size 4 and YES, we got it, it came all the way from Virginia!


The company asked us to take pictures and send them in so that they could use some of them in advertising, don't think any of these will work but I thought they were still cute! I'm a sucker for matching or coordinating outfits...who knows if I'll ever get a little I'm enjoying dressing the boys sweetly while I can! They can wear polo's and khaki's for the rest of their lives...for now they can dress "cute"! They all started having a melt down so I'll have to try taking pics in the outfits again another time...but I thought these were pretty fun with me and them!

Notice the fake smiles...

And Peyton's zoning out while Lawson melts down...oh well!

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