Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blue Colored "Bubbles"...are you kidding me?!!!

Ok, so its been one of those days...and it reached its peak at 10 you know it's been a rough day if that's the case. Here's a glance into my morning...more about this to come!

It started out ok, Adam and I got up to do P90X at 6am, the boys woke up shortly thereafter and the morning proceeded like was breakfast, then Adam left for work, I was trying to catch a bit of GMA then it happened...Lawson had a terrible poops, I went to get a diaper and wipes and came back only to find he'd stuck his whole hand in his diaper and pulled it out...yes, ummm, that was really really gross. We recovered from that and went on with the morning.

Our lovely air conditioner decided to peeter out on one of the HOTTEST weeks in Alabama in years...check out the thermostat reading.
Copy of DSCN1856
So instead of getting to go and have a lovely day at the pool with friends, I'm here at the house waiting on the A/C man to show up. I decided to let the boys just play in the garage on the side that Adam parks in. What could they hurt, really? I put them in there with their bikes and push toys, and this "fun" bottle of bubbles that Lawson got in a sand bucket from his teachers the last day of school. I didn't check the bottle label, I mean for goodness sakes it was a bottle of bubbles!

I was inside the house, there in the basement, cleaning the bathroom and downstairs bedroom because we have family coming from Nashville tomorrow. To my dismay, Peyton came bounding into the house COVERED in blue "bubbles"...might as well have been blue food coloring, cause it's not coming off. I was so frustrated...I did just clean the downstairs and was about to move to the main level...but OH NO, now we've got a real mess on our hands...I immediately put him in the sink and tried to get it off, a few scrubs of the feet, arms and hands and he was pretty well cleaned up except for the stained color all over him! Then came Lawson with his blue highlights and all, literally all I could do was say "oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"
Picnik collage

There were blue "bubbles" all over the garage floor, the walls, the side of the suburban, EVERYWHERE!
Picnik collage

I was furious at this point! I told him to sit on the garage floor while I ran upstairs to get towels and washcloths that I didn't mind to get ruined. On my way back down I grabbed my camera and decided to laugh at the situation and document the hysterical scene that was playing out before me! Mama said there'd be days like this and boy, this one's been a doozie!

I told them to go and play on the deck while I hosed out and scrubbed down the garage are the comrades in crime!

I called Lawson my "human Easter egg"...look at that blue water! At least he's all clean now!

Here's hoping for a LONG naptime and an uneventful rest of the day...we shall see!


  1. Those bubbles are AWFUL!!! My mom bought some for Harper when she was visiting, and they were only used once. She quickly hid them when they stained the sidewalk. What was crayola thinking?!?!

    Hope y'all are doing well in Alabama! Your boys are so cute!

  2. That is awful. But also awfully funny. I can't even fathom WHY they would make such a product. What were they thinking? So sorry that it was such an icky day - hope your evening goes much better.

  3. Oh goodness! Kennedy & Will just got some purple bubbles for Easter (that thankfully we haven't opened yet). I'll now know to only let them use them out in the grass...while basically naked or in play clothes. ; ) Sorry for the mess, but thanks so much for the info.!


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