Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Great Wolf Lodge Trip- Day 2

One of our favorite evenings was going out to dinner at a recommended BBQ restaurant.  We are big BBQ fans and Hard Eight BBQ was a real score!  Adam was in heaven at this meat fest, I highly recommend this tasty restaurant any day of the week!
You walk through the outdoor smokehouse and literally tell the man with the very large, sharp knife, what types of meat you want.  They pile it on a tray and weigh it.  We got a smattering of it all---BBQ chicken, smoked sausage, brisket, ribs, bacon wrapped shrimp and fresh corn on the cobb---it was all delightfully good!
You walk through the outdoor smokehouse and into an eclectically decorated restaurant with a fun family vibe.  Once we got everyone settled onto the barstool seats around our table we enjoyed our delicious meal.  The boys thought the glass bottle cokes were a real treat. 
After returning to the Lodge we tried our hand at the MagiQuest interactive adventure throughout the hotel.  We were fully set, with the appropriate "magical" wands, the wand toppers and of course four belts to hold said wands in place around their waists because clearly just holding the wands In.Their.Hands would not nearly be as much fun as having the black and gold or pink and black belt!  MagiQuest is supposed to be an interactive scavenger hunt style "adventure" throughout the resort but was a little bit of a disappointment for us all.  We did follow a few of the clues to a couple of floors and found a several of the treasure chests but our enthusiasm began to wain and we ended up heading back to the room to watch the Olympics.  (In my opinion, I'd save save the money and disregard this little activity.)
You can see Lawson's enthusiasm for this little"adventure" written all over his face.
Last time we had a suite with two separate bedrooms (1 king and the other 2 double beds) along with 2 baths (which is very much ideal) but this time all that was available were the rooms with a kiddie cabin area with bunks.  We brought breakfast items and ate in our room each day.  Ava Jane enjoyed breakfast on the patio with her Daddy.
Good morning sunshine!
Each evening there was a story time and let me just say, it left a lot to be desired. The girl who read the huge story book about Wylie the wolf, was clearly NOT in her element reading to young children.  Keeping the kids attention was a problem since it was difficult to hear her and understand what was happening in the story so as soon as it was over we were out of there.
The activity that the kids most enjoyed beside being in the waterpark was the Northern Lights Arcade.   The machines are set to feed out TONS of tickets so the first time those tickets started rolling out of the games, the kids were hooked!  We spent a good bit of time AND money in that area, but it wasn't just the kids, even Adam and Dad got in on the excitement.
When they turned in their tickets (that numbered about 500 each) Lawson walked away proudly with this lovely sign.  It's perfect for him and he has since taped it to his bedroom door.

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