Thursday, August 31, 2017

Football Season Has Begun

Late this summer, Lawson asked if he could play flag football along with some of his little buddies, so Adam and I discussed it and decided that we would let him give it a go and we would, for the first time, have all the boys playing different sports, on different teams, at different times on all kinds of different days.  So this fall, as you can imagine, is shaping up to be quite interesting as far as the drop off and pickup schedules for each of the boys extra curricular activities (and we only let them pick one sport per semester).  It's extra interesting on days when Lawson and Emerson have practice at the same time in opposite directions of town.  Thankfully I have great friends on both teams and they've been able to help this Momma out!

Lawson is playing Life Champs Football and is excited to be on a team with many of his good friends and I am equally as thrilled to be able to sit in the stands with people I know and enjoy being around. Last Sunday was the Jamboree, where all the teams scrimmaged at War Memorial Stadium.  It was fun to watch them do their thing.  I was proud of them!

Don't these Patriots look fierce?





These sweet girls all have brothers playing and they enjoyed cheering for our Patriots!

And here was most of the Patriots fans watching intently as the boys played.  We look forward to getting to cheer them on all season long!

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