Saturday, May 16, 2015

Piano Recitals

Peyton has taken piano for the past three years but this was Lawson's first year learning to tickle the ivories.  I've seen Peyton grow in his understanding and ability to play the piano this past year and that's been such fun to watch.  For Lawson, the practice time was harder to come by and took more effort for him.  But this past week, all their hard work, practice and memorizing of songs came to fruition as they both got to play their pieces for all the students and parents. Adam and I were proud of them and glad to have such a wonderfully patient teacher as Molly to work with and teach our boys.




I took a few pictures before they actually played in the recital and this little moment that I caught was pretty cute!   I think he does enjoy being able to play the piano even if he acts like he doesn't, what do you think?

We love these boys!



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