Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Art Show and Tea

Thursday and Friday were two very fun days with my kids, first it was the Mother's Day Art Show at my littlest ones preschool.  I love how the teachers do the cutest art projects with the kids throughout the year and save them for this special showing for the Mommas.  All the little hand prints and precious hand done art, is adorable and will soon be new fixtures in our playroom!

Emerson was quite proud to show me all his beautiful art work.  Ms. Amy and Mrs. Jodie do an amazing job with these preschoolers and filled the halls with adorable creations!  Thank you ladies for all your hard work and effort.



I thought his watercolor turned out beautiful!!

And reading what Emerson said when asked these questions about me was pretty funny.

Ava Jane had some cute pictures as well, like this little alligator made from her handprint!

Ava Jane was so excited to show me around her class that when first asked to smile for the camera, she couldn't even keep hers open! She's such a sweet girl and I love her immeasurably!

Onn Friday, I had the privilege of going to the Mother's Day tea in Lawson's class.  (Please take notice of how he spelled my name---how cute is that?)


They sang several sweet songs about what Mothers do and how they are appreciated.  Thanks Mrs. Dees for going to such an effort to make us Mommas feel loved!


I love this boy and my portrait, don't you think it looks just like me?  He even gave me a big chunky necklace that he knows I love to wear!


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