Thursday, May 21, 2015

Museum of Discovery Field Trip

This week has been filled with end of school activities.  I started off the week with Peyton's second grade class spending all day at the Museum of Discovery.  Our group was the first one who got to listen and watch how the science experiments work.  Several of the teachers were great sports in that they willingly put cheetos that had been soaked in liquid nitrogen in their mouths…the kids thought this was awesome…the teachers were not so thrilled, but they did impress the crowd as they "smoked" from their noses and mouths.  Honestly, all the experiments were really cool to watch and it kept the kids  (and my own) attention completely!







I don't get much one on one time with my kids so I did really enjoy spending the day with my oldest!  What fun to hang out with him and to get to interact with he and his little buddies.  I love you Peyton!!

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