Monday, May 5, 2014

Trip to Texas

Last week my Mom, Sister and I headed to Canton, TX to take in one of the largest Flea Markets around. There was literally everything from junk-tiques to antiques and everything in between (clothes, home decor, furniture, etc). It was a lot of fun just "exploring" and seeing all that was there. Getting away, just us ladies, was a real treat. We don't regularly get to spend uninterrupted time together so I was thankful for the time in the car to chit chat and then to just be able to walk and shop once we arrived.

If you've never heard of Canton, you're not alone. I'd never heard about it until a few years ago when my Mom and her little posse of friends went down and she's been talking to Whitney and I about planning a trip ever since. And it most certainly did not disappoint! Canton's Trade Days are open the first weekend of every month starting on the Thursday morning before the weekend. So we went down on Wednesday afternoon and stayed through Friday. Let me just say, if you go, be warned that the town is usually less then 6,000 people but when Trade Days start somewhere around 200,000 people converge on the place. Needless to say, Saturday's and Sunday's are the busiest of days, but shopping on Thursday was great! There weren't too long of lines or crazy amounts of people in each little booth but Friday was a different story!

They have these little push carts everywhere for you to rent so that you don't have to lug your newly purchased treasures all over creation. Since there's about 50 acres of treasure hunting at your disposal it came in quite handy.

Here's some of what it looks like.

How cute is this lemonade stand for kids?

We were definitely in TEXAS!

There were lots of tasty food choices. Mom and I shared a funnel cake for a snack one day. The pulled pork sandwich (that I usually always love) was not really anything to write home about but the crepes I ate on Friday from Monkey Crepes, were DELICIOUS!


This picture doesn't do them justice, so you'll just have to take me at my word!

We were just about to stop for lunch on Friday when Whit said, "Hey, look I think that's Stephanie." Low and behold, it was! My Mom's good friend (and college roommate) Teresa and her daughter Stephanie were there along with her sister and nieces. Crazy how we had to come to Canton, TX to see friends from Oklahoma, Ft. Smith and Dallas. Girls, it was so fun running into y'all!

If I was going to suggest any where to go besides the actual Trade Show property, I'd say to visit Laurie Anna's Vintage Home. It's an adorable little shop that you'll want to take one of everything from!
camper room lg

And of course there's Paul Michael, you'd be remiss to not stop in there. It has such cute things at reasonable prices.

It was a fun weekend, lets do it again soon, say in October?!

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