Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Weeks Worth of Catch Up!

This past week was filled lots of planning (for upcoming trips), list making (for all the different places we'll be going in the next three weeks from the lake to the beach and of course, to China). There have been lots of appointments and unplanned trips to the doctors office but there's also been fun with friends and family. It's been a busy week and it's making me super excited that the start of summer is just a few days away!

Last Wednesday, Lawson got to experience the Kindergarten Safari at Roberts Elementary. He was so super excited to go to the "big school" that he literally got dressed going down the stairs. He willingly went with all the kids while the parents went to an informative meeting in the dining room. But when I asked him to take his picture he wasn't too cooperative, so these were the best I could get.

I'm excited that these little guys are going to be entering Kindergarten together. What a fun group of friends he will have there.

Last weekend we were invited to a horseback riding party. The boys were excited to get to do this and I must say on several occasions, leading up to the weekend, I did use the invitation as a reward for correct behavior. The boys couldn't wait for their turn to ride the horses, it was such a fun party!

I love these boys! So grateful they're such good friends.

If you couldn't tell from the pictures and all our heavy fleece jackets, it was unseasonably cold last weekend. It felt like February, not the weekend before Memorial Day! And this little stinker has become Miss Independent and does not want to be held or sit in my lap. She's all over the place and into everything.

If was a really fun party, Happy Birthday sweet girl!

After the party we had the opportunity to do a cookout and bonfire with friends. These "little people tables" were just the perfect fit for all our kids. (Gotta thank Sam's for those.)

The kids enjoyed playing outside in the sandbox and on the driveway.

What would a bonfire be without the sugary goodness of smores?

And these sweet friends had fun being silly together.

On Sunday, we celebrated a belated Mother's Day with brunch at After Thoughts in Hillcrest. Mom got to have her Mother's Day on the beach last week while she relaxed and enjoyed the sun so it was fun to all get together and catch up. There was a cute little merry go round that the kids thoughts was "awesome" and Gigi even got in on the action too.

I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful and caring Mother. One who always sacrifices and invests in me. I would not be the woman I am today without her dedication and willingness to love and care for me even on the hard days and in the rough moments. Now that I'm a Mother too, I am so grateful for her love and commitment as I know how hard it can be at times. I love you Mom and am grateful for all your support and encouragement! I'm so thankful for you!

And as for this week its not been dull either. Yesterday Ava Jane ran smack dab into the leg of our kitchen table and got a huge goose egg knot. I ended up taking her in just to verify that it was all ok and after an x-ray of her skull they confirmed that it was just a knot on the head and would go down within a few days. We were so thankful it wasn't anything serious.

Its pretty crazy how last weekend we were all bundled up and now just four days later we're getting ready to welcome summer with cute bubbles, American flags and the summer time staple of flip flops. Looking forward to summer and fun in the sun!

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