Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend in Review- If: Gathering

This past weekend was pretty amazing! I had the opportunity to gather with some of my closest friends as we joined over 1,200 women in Austin, TX along with 25,000 other IF:Local groups (across the country and around the world) to hear many wonderful speakers challenges us with the question, "If God is real…then what?" Getting to see Jennie Allen, who mentored me in High School, speak to so many women, in her ever so passionate, inspiring and challenging way was so fun!!

The weekend was filled with many thought provoking questions and ideas which I am still processing and hope to continue to wrestle with. Friday afternoon and Saturday were filled with talks from Ann Voskamp, Christine Caine, Angie Smith, Shelley Giglio, Jennie Allen, Jen Hatmaker and many others. Worship was led by Christy Nockels, Melinda Doolittle and other phenomenally talented musicians. The whole weekend was a real "mountaintop experience", one that's left me longing for heaven, when we'll get to worship the Lord continuously!

We had the opportunity to talk through many questions like "What stands in between you and peace with God?" "What is something that God is asking you to take a risk in?" "What's your greatest fear?" Those aren't just simple, roll off your tongue answers…so to say the weekend was challenging is pretty much an understatement! I'm so thankful for these girls and their transparency and willingness to share.

We did enjoy a little Local Lime for lunch, those salsas NEVER disappoint!

While we sang and listened and sang some more lots of beautiful, white, snowflakes fell in Little Rock.
photo 1

My boys were delighted with the weather and enjoyed time outside with their Daddy, who I must say is so wonderful to have taken off work on Friday so that I could attend this conference!
photo 2
photo 3

This picture of all their boots just about made me burst into tears when I saw it! How ridiculous is that?
photo 4

Adam took such great care of our kids and even knocked out some of my "honey do list" that I'd left in case he had time. He was doing some touch up on our ceiling after the kids were down on Friday night, but our sneaky little one got out of bed and ended up with his hands on the lid to the paint can and did his own artwork in both our half bath and our newly painted bedroom! Ughh! Please don't miss his "snowman" painted on the wall behind him…or on our bedroom wall.
photo 1-7

The weekend was so much fun and I loved being back together with this dear "kidney friend". I was thrilled to have had almost a full 24 hours together!

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