Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trunk of Treat!

We took the kids to Vestavia Hills Baptist Church's Trunk or Treat. People had all kinds of games and face painting set up in the trunk of their cars and the kids had a great time going around to each of them. They had a good time throwing bones into the ghosts mouths...

Here, they had the clown make them balloon swords...and those were so "cool"

Peyton was quite enamored with the dancing skeleton...though he was VERY, very hesitant, but with a little coaxing, Adam was able to get him to finally reach out and touch his was hilarious!
Picnik collage
Adam and I were laughing about how for us, as kids, we were just as hesitant/fearful when we went to Show Biz Pizza and that HUMONGOUS black gorilla started playing his piano...Peyton's reaction brought back the memories of that for us!

We took them trick or treating in our neighborhood and ended up walking around with about 6 other kids and their families that live near us...we had a great time and enjoyed meeting some more of our neighbors!

Here's our own Buzz Lightyear...

Racking up on the candy...they came home with full buckets...

Emerson enjoyed riding in the stroller and taking it all in!

Peyton with our sweet neighbor friend, Jessica. Lawson said to Adam, "Jessica is sooo beautiful!" How precious is he?!

Here's Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Lawson! I love them so much! Halloween's now over...Thanksgiving is a comin'...and I just can't believe how fast the days are flying, its hard to believe its November!


  1. ahhh, I love that Lawson was enamored with the princesses too! Brayden was just in awe of how pretty they were. Cracked me up.


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