Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Food Wars!

Emerson is quite the laid back little dude...that is until food enters onto the scene. He cannot stand to see everyone else eating and him not partaking! The child can put it away too...he eats a huge bowl of banana and rice cereal most mornings and at lunch and dinner has the equivalent of two jars of baby food and still acts hungry sometimes! He really does seem like a bottomless pit but isn't he the cutest little eater?!

I recently ran across this Baby Safe Feeder and LOVE it! Wish that I'd had it with the other boys. I've used it with a banana and cantalope so far, but just about any soft fruit or vegetable would work.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
He loves holding it himself and gumming it up real good, he keeps a death grip on it and never lets go without a fight!! I use it a lot while I'm finishing up dinner when he needs a little afternoon "happy"!

And here's just a cute picture...He was getting quite the workout the other day, he was jumping like crazy...while I was helping the older boys get a few toys down, he must've gotten tuckered out, cause when I came back, this is how I found him! What a sweet heart!
Picnik collage

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  1. we LOVED the baby feeder around here. I used to freeze sliced fruit and give it to them when they were teething. Huge success! He is absolutely adorable.


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