Monday, September 5, 2011

First Day of Preschool!

Last Thursday was our first day of preschool here in Birmingham.

The boys did great, there were no tears or sadness when I dropped them off.
Picnik collage

I was a bit worried about how Lawson would do because all morning long he was saying, very emphatically, "I not go to school"! This picture sort of captures his attitude!
But he was a trooper and went right into his classroom. Even Emerson had his first day, all the boys had a great time and enjoyed getting to know their new classmates and teachers. I feel blessed to have them all at a wonderful school where they receive great teaching as well Christian values and influences! I look forward to what the year holds and the learning that will take place!

Here's a picture of a little "happy" that I sent to their teacher's as a first day of school treat, I thought it turned out pretty cute!

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