Friday, July 28, 2017

Saying "See Ya Later" is ALWAYS hard to do

About four years ago a friend Facebook messenged me about a dear friend of hers whose husband was in the Air Force and was moving to Little Rock. Having spent time myself in the military, moving to a new place and trying to meet people, so I immediately set up a park playdate for her kiddos and mine.   Lynn was sweet and her kids were very similar in ages to my kids.  From that day at the park, we continued to get together and ultimately she and Jeremy joined our D-group.  We have walked through a lot of life together, illnesses of children, first days of Kindergarten, spouses who are traveling or gone, adding children to our families, waiting for the bus with our kids on it, etc.  Living life alongside people is a real privilege, there are ups and downs and its so good to have friends who support and encourage you in the valley's and praise the Lord with you in the mountaintop moments. Jeremy is beginning a year of training in Alabama and they have recently been in a real faith walk as they watch the Lord light ONLY the very next steps on this journey.  I know that they would have preferred a "flood light" that would illuminate all the hurdles, twists and turns, but getting to watch them navigate the last several weeks and months so graciously has been a blessing to watch. Knowing that they truly are following hard after the Lord and his perfect plans, even when they aren't easy or the preferred route, has been an example to watch.

To say "see ya later", our D group had a pool party with all our families; it's quite the crew of kids!


These Hague cuties will be missed.

I think it was a great evening for everyone, kids and adults alike.

Hague's we love y'all so much and are praying for your transition to Montgomery, for friendships, a church home, schools and preschools and ultimately that the Lord will lead you back here sooner rather then later.  So, until the first doctor's appointment for Micah or girls weekend for us Momma's, we're just gonna leave it as, "see ya later."

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