Friday, April 8, 2016

Emerson's First Soccer Season

Emerson has always tagged along for his other brothers games (whether that was baseball, basketball or soccer).  He has been wanting to play soccer for some time now, so Adam and I are excited to be cheering for him this time.  We are playing at Arkansas United with some friends that we know and others we're getting to know.

I'm pretty sure that Emerson is simply excited to be running up and down the field, since chasing his shadow, gazing at the clouds, and looking through his "binoculars" were all happening at different times throughout the hour long game--insert the winking emoji--I'll be sure to have him wear his sunglasses this weekend.  Five year old soccer never changes; its all about exercise, learning to pay attention to the coach and others on the team, as well as the obvious soccer skills (dribbling, shooting and stopping the ball).  Here are some pictures from his game last week.




There was quite a crowd of ever enthusiastic family and friends helping to cheer on the kids.

Lawson watched and cheered from his perch up on top of the extra soccer goals which have become a jungle gym of sorts, but this Momma's not complaining because it keeps half of my kids entertained 100% of the time.

It was pretty breezy and cool last weekend so Ava Jane took advantage of a few quilts that a friend so kindly shared with her, isn't she a cute sideline cheerleader?


Emerson's enjoying his first season of soccer and we're having fun watching him!  Tomorrow morning we'll be cheering on the Cheetahs again.

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