Friday, April 29, 2016

Cardiac Classic

Last Saturday, Adam road with 450+ cyclists in the Heart Foundation's, Cardiac Classic.  The Heart Foundation exists to impact knowledge, inspire action and motivate Arkansans to make their heart health a priority.
We arrived early that morning so we had some time to kill. There was an artist who did a great job of depicting each of the kids in his caricatures.  (I'm thinking it'd be fun to have these framed and put them in the playroom.)
We hung around and watched as they took off on the ride.  They started with the 20 milers, then went to the 50 and 60 mile riders.  They did a little warm up lap around Burns Park then headed for the route.
A 91 year old WWII veteran road in this event.  If he can do this, I believe I could totally do it!  I think the Foundation will be doing a Family Ride next year, so be looking for the Head clan to show up for that!
Here's some of the Heart Hospital's Administrative Team who road together, at least for the first 20 miles.
How fun does this bicycle built for two look?  They road in amazing synchrony.
It was a great day to be outside and enjoying the beauty of our state.  We left for a bit for Emerson's soccer game then headed back down there for the end of the ride.  The hospitals chef, Coby Smith, made lots of tasty goodness including 70+ pounds of delicious granola that was divine!
The kids and I were proud of our cyclist who did the 50 mile ride and finished in 2 hours 45 minutes.  I'd say that's really good in my book!

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