Saturday, January 9, 2016

Emerson's Birthday!

Today was Emerson's fifth birthday.  I can hardly believe that he will be starting Kindergarten this fall, it makes this Momma's heart a tad sad.  This little guy is such a blessing to our family, he is full of joy. Each morning he wakes up happy and chipper, ready to tackle another day.

He's a boy of routine.  Each night he lays out his clothes which always includes a pair of jeans, a "cowboy" shirt (possibly a Razorback shirt if he's feeling risky) and a pair of boots.   He even takes naps in his boots sometimes.   I tell him that he can wear them as long as he stays in the bed and rests (usually this compromise does the job.)  He's been asking for a cowboy party since his birthday last year, so I found a horseback riding barn near our house and we'd planned to celebrate his big day there today.  Unfortunately, there was a ton of rain today so we had to reschedule it for next week.

Emerson's our most musical child who loves to bounce and rock to the music and he keeps a perfect beat. Whether he's listening to music or singing his own song, he keeps absolutely perfect rhythm. He loves to sing almost anything, but his favorite songs right now are Home Grown by Darius Rucker and TobyMac's Steal My Show, if these songs come on, he wants the music cranked up!

He is generally a truly happy boy. He gets to laughing so hard at the dinner table sometimes that everyone else gets to laughing simply because he's laughing so hard.  We are so thankful that this little boy has been placed in our family.  He brings loads of laughter and joy to our home and we're thankful to get to celebrate him today!  Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

Picture credits go to Jenny McHam Photography.  Thanks so much for these!!

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