Saturday, December 26, 2015

Disney Trip Part 3

Our third day began at the Magic Kingdom and was a ton of fun!  We got into the park early and were able to knock out a bunch of rides with hardly any lines to stand in. Our first stop was a character meet with Rafiki from the Lion King.



Our first thing was to walk through Swiss Family Robinson's Treehouse. We all love to watch this movie and I honestly was excited to revisit one of my favorite things from one of my visits to the Magic Kingdom as a little girl over two decades ago!   It certainly did not disappoint, the boys (and Ava Jane) enjoyed exploring Fritz and Ernst's home in the tree!

Leave it to Disney, they actually created the "Line Ride"!



The boys LOVED Splash Mountain, and they did get SOAKED!


We all enjoyed doing Big Thunder Mountain Railroad; that was a really fun ride that we used our Rider Swap on so that some of us could ride it twice in a row!

While Adam and the boys rode it again Mom, Dad, Peyton and I rode a "raft" over to Tom Sawyers Island.

Next up was the Jungle Cruise or "Jingle Cruise" as it was called during the holiday season.




We signed the boys up to do The Pirate League, which is where they got dressed and had their faces painted up like a pirate; they received a sword and an eye patch.   (Instead of paying for the costumes there, I pre bought pirate costumes (after Halloween) and just had them wear it to the park then only paid for the package to have their faces painted and get the sword, eye patch and earring.)  That was the best decision ever!  They had a great time!  Dad and Adam stayed with them while Mom and I took Ava Jane to Fantasyland to do some girly rides!

This was their before picture.

These are "in the making" pictures…


And here is the finished products!  Aren't they the cutest pirates you ever saw….oh wait, I mean the most scary pirates you ever did see?!



In Fantasyland we did the carousel, the Tea Cups and the Dumbo Ride.


Dumbo Ride Vehicle


We all met back up at the Speedway and that was unfortunately "the worst ride ever" according to Peyton and Lawson. The steering wheel honestly didn't allow you to drive very well so we kept hitting and bumping our way around the track (each car runs on its own rail so it was quite a bumpy, jolt-filled ride.)  They didn't think it was a great "spectacle" to be apart of.



We rode several more rides then headed to our dinner reservation at Tony Town Square near the front of the park.



We were definitely ready to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner.  I was thoroughly impressed with and truly enjoyed the food at Tony's Town Square.  It's an Italian restaurant themed off the movie Lady and the Tramp, I highly recommend this one!  Ava Jane didn't even make it from the rides to the restaurant (a five to seven minute walk up Main Street), so she enjoyed the meal while laying out quite nicely in the long booth seat.  Because we'd had so many issues our first couple of days, our sweet waitress brought out a little treat for us, an extra FASTPASS!!  It was good for any ride we wanted to go on!  I'd not yet been able to do Space Mountain so we went there after our meal, unfortunately the ride was shut down for some reason.  Next we tried to do Seven Dwarfs Mine train again, but it too was shut down for some kind of maintenance.  So I went up to a Fastpass Kiosk and spoke with a really nice Cast Member who made my night!  I told him we had two kids asleep in a stroller but we didn't want to lose our Fast Pass, so he asked where we were going the next day, I told him Hollywood Studios so guess what?!!  He let us keep the Fastpass for Magic Kingdom and made a Fastpass for Fantasmic at Hollywood studios, so we got two fast passes out of the deal!  Disney Worlds customer service is spectacular!!  So we actually went and rode Big Thunder Moutain Railroad while Mom stayed with the littles who slept soundly in the stroller!




We ended our day at Magic Kingdom with big smiles and lots of memories!
Magic Kingdom - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

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  1. I love reading about your Disney experience! That picture of Ava Jane asleep in the booth is so sweet. It really is an exhausting kind of fun, isn't it! Crosby wasn't impressed with the steering wheels on that race track, either! :)


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