Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ava Jane's Pool Party

Since all of our kids have fall and winter birthdays, Ava Jane's is the only one that is remotely close to summertime, so we decided to celebrate her birthday a few weeks early.  We chose to do a pool party at the end of summer and I do believe it was a hit!

This was the invitation (I ordered it with the coordinating party printables from Etsy).

I knew that I wanted to do a simple, easy to pull off party, so I thought having a pool party with family and friends would be a fun way to celebrate, and it was!  Sometimes its hard to come up with party activities to do at a home party, so this was a super easy solution, however, when you choose a different location, the transport and setup is what's the hard part.  Usually you just have a 15-30 minute window of time to get everything put together.  In this case, I was a sweaty mess by the time everything was in place, luckily, I was at a pool!!  I knew I wanted the colors to be very girly, not the traditional primary colors you usually see with pool stuff.  So here's what did.

We served sub sandwiches (turkey, ham and clubs) along with chips, fruit cups and "pool water".




On the dessert table I had little blue "pools" (of Jello) with cute umbrellas to top them off.  I ordered adorable sugar cookies and of course had cupcakes.  All of these sugary treats were a hit by all the kids!




I'm pretty sure all the kids had a great time, I know Ava Jane did!
2015-08-25 18.43.51-2



2015-08-25 19.00.04-1

2015-08-25 18.13.37

We had a fun time with friends and family as we celebrated Ava Jane's birthday!  We sang Happy Birthday with everyone sitting on the steps, which was my attempt at getting everyone in one general location so that we could try and get a group shot.  This is pretty good for having 24 kids kids 8 and under.
2015-08-25 18.49.11

2015-08-25 18.49.47

Can you tell Ava Jane loved her cupcake?
2015-08-25 18.59.13

We love you Ava Jane and are so glad that God chose us to be your parents!  You are a joy to us all and we can't imagine life without you!!  Happy Birthday sweet one!!
2015-08-25 19.51.45


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