Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend: An Unexpected Visitor and Fun

This weekend was more of a catch-up kind of weekend. I spent Friday night entertaining kids with pizza and a movie while Adam spent the evening at a hospital fundraiser.  Thankfully, my sister decided to bring Lachlan over so we held down the fort together.

Saturday was yard day. We spent the majority of it spreading mulch, pulling weeds, mowing, weed-eating and the like.  It wasn't my most favorite way to spend the day, but I do love the results! On Saturday morning as I was cleaning up from breakfast we got to enjoy an unexpected visit with Adam's brother who came home from college for the weekend. To say my kids were excited to see "Uncle Johnny" is a slight under statement! They loved wrestling with him, jumping on the trampoline and having "light saver" fights--as Emerson likes to call it.




It's always fun to have John home, we look forward to May when he graduates and will be back around here!

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