Monday, April 20, 2015

Kids with Character and Time with the Big Boys

Every month our school has a Kids With Character assembly. This year, both our big boys got chosen for the character quality of Loyalty. It was fun to see them both up there at the same time. I do believe that both Peyton and Lawson have true loyalty toward one another, their friends, and family. "Loyalty" is being faithful to one's oath, commitments or obligations. Adam and I are definitely beginning to see sprouts of growth in this area and were so proud of both of them!



Don't they look thrilled to be taking this picture with Mom? Because of their "loyalty" they obliged me!

Right after the assembly finished it was time to go on the kindergarten field trip to the Wonder Place. I was curious to see if it was too "young" for their age but honestly, all the classes seemed to have a really great time at all the stations whether fishing, playing in the sand, with the blocks, coloring, dressing up, playing make believe or selling things in the market, they all seemed to have a blast!









When I asked a couple of them if they were ready to head back to school, their response was a collective "NO"! I really think they all had such fun just playing and being kids.


And as if all that weren't enough for one day, I decided, after talking to his teacher, that I would check him and Peyton out of school and do something fun just the three of us.  So we hit up a 12:35 middle of the day movie at the Rave.  We enjoyed our popcorn and cookies, while watching Home in 3D.  It was a pretty cute movie, though I must say there was a short stretch in there where the dark room and comfortable chairs had me sleeping pretty soundly.  I sure love these boys and I feel grateful to be their Mommy! To quote my Dad, "we made a memory" and that's for sure!!


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