Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend In Review + Start To The Week

This past week we were pretty much stuck at the house because Ava Jane was running 101 fever from Sunday to Wednesday and had broken out in a rash all over her body. By Wednesday morning I decided it was time to go see the doctor and thankfully I did because it turned out she was Strep positive, which had caused the Scarlet Fever, and a wound behind her ear that was either Strep Impetigo or a Staph Infection so she was immediately put on an antibiotic and we waited to hear the results of the culture. Needless to say, by Friday, the kids and I were all quite sick of being house bound so when my Dad called to see if we'd want to go to the Mid America Science Museum for the afternoon, I was more than willing to make the drive, anything to get out of the house!!

Mom and Dad picked the big boys up and headed to Hot Springs a little bit earlier so that the littles could rest and I could pick Adam up after a meeting at the hospital. The kids had such a great time running around trying out all the exhibits.

Being that its a kids museum it was so nice of them to make sure we knew where the "pinch point" was.

There was this 200 lb Anaconda that they have set out for you to try and lift. All the boys got in on this action.


This huge catfish was strung up and had an opening in its belly where the kids could pull items out that the fish had eaten. That was a pretty interesting exhibit. Who knew these bottom dwellers ate bones and even shoes?

There was a self-hoist pulley system, that took quite a bit of muscle. Laws needed a little help but Peyton was able to do most of it on his own.

Emerson and I told secrets from across the room in the "Whisper Dish".

Even Ava Jane got in on the action. She loved the graffiti wall but particularly the tinker toy area.

The kids enjoyed making shadows with Daddy while G-Dad had fun making some music with the pipes.

I will give you fair warning, there is a Tesla Theatre where they show how lightening and voltage work. Well, its tremendously loud and Emerson more then flipped out so we had to leave, it was SO loud and rightfully so, there was 1.5 million volts of electricity flowing thru the cage, YIKES!

I was so glad for the chance to get out of the house to see some new scenery and oh so thankful that Ava Jane was feeling much better!

On Saturday, our D-group from church gathered at the splash pad for some water fun. It was our first time this summer. And as you can see the kids had a blast!!

We enjoyed some hotdogs, burgers and the fixings.

The cookies and brownies were quite a hit with these two, I think between them they inhaled about 8 or 9.

Yesterday we enjoyed some pool time with friends and today we paid a visit to our local library for story time, book gathering and of course, a DVD rental. Can't go to the library without getting a DVD, right? They were hoping for Swiss Family Robinson again but all the copies were checked out so they decided on Milo and Otis. Lawson asked to take his picture with the robot then all the boys wanted in on the pic.

We got there in (unplanned) time for story time which had a farm theme going on. They listened pretty well to all the stories but getting to go pick out a puppet to hold was by far the best part for them.

After the library we ran a few errands which included the grocery store. When Lawson saw this cardboard cut out, he said very enthusiastically, "Hey Mom, can I get my picture made with him?" I said "sure, why not?!" He's not always the most cooperative of our children while taking pictures, but as of late he's become extremely interested in both taking pictures with his own camera as well as me taking pictures of him in certain places or with specific people. I feel like I should encourage his willingness in any way I can so, there we were on the yogurt aisle just posing with Brad.

It was a fun weekend and we've had a good start to the week. I'm very much enjoying time with my kiddos, I can hardly believe the summer is halfway over.

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