Friday, July 11, 2014

CFA- Cow Appreciation Day

One of our most favorite places to eat is Chick-fil-A, it's always good food and totally kid friendly, which in this stage of life, is greatly appreciated! Some of our good friends are the owner/operator of one here in town so I took the opportunity to get in on the hype this year. Some how, some way, something's always come up where we've not been able to attend one of these most fabulous days! Who doesn't want to dress up like a cow and get free food?

I didn't go over the top, just did some white t-shirts with black felt spots sewn on, had cow ears on headbands for the kids and signs around our necks. There was some whining due to the twine itching their necks and the headbands squeezing their heads. "C'mon kids, who wants free chicken?" Finally, they all bucked up and got in the car so we could get to the restaurant before the lunch rush.

We enjoyed eating with friends, waving to the cow and getting some ice-cream. We'll have to make Cow Appreciation Day an annual tradition! It's the little things in life…food, friends and chicken.


  1. OMG. The pic of Emerson is SO funny! haha! What a ham! He looks JUST like Adam!!!! MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!

  2. Too cute looks like everyone there had fun. I think it was fun to dress up, my daughter and I both done it.


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