Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend: High/Low

Friday's High:
The pizza party we had a the pool with friends was nice. We were quite the crowd with six families...and if I did the math right, then there were nineteen little people all under 8! It was fun to sit and visit with all the Mama's while the Dad's helped coral and entertain all the kids.

Friday's Low:
Watching Adam as he threw his plate of pizza down on the ground, running and jumping into the water, fully clothed (with hat, wallet, shirt and glasses still on) in order to rescue our fearless Emerson from the water. He'd followed our older boys out of the baby pool area into the deeper water without his water wings on and he just kept walking out into the water until his cotton top hair was completely submerged and "floating" as Adam described it. As he pulled Emerson up out of the water with eyes as big as saucers while choking, coughing and crying all at the same time, he was just so thankful to have been rescued! Though it didn't deter him from wanting to get right back in there once he had his floaties on!

Saturday's High:
We got to enjoy a meal out with some good friends, Henry's lets do it again soon! The conversation was so much more fun without our 7 kiddos; nice adult conversation is such a treat, Adam and I are grateful to have friends like these! (And thanks so much for the thoughtful gift card!) I didn't want to interrupt good talking and laughing to take a "blog-worthy" picture...now I sure wish I had!

Saturday's Low:
Prepping the playroom for a new coat of paint. It's not my favorite thing to tape the trim and ceiling, especially in our playroom, because there are so many angles that it makes it quite time consuming to do, but I am thankful that once that part was done the painting went fairly quickly. There will be finished product pictures to come shortly.

Also, a slight "low" was spending the last part of our "date night" at Sam's...its not the most romantic place in the world, but we have been wanting to get a TV for the playroom so we decided since we didn't have any little distractors, that it was a pretty good time to go look. So we came home with this...which really is a high, especially for the kids! It will be nice to have a place for the kids to go watch a movie when we have friends over.

Sunday's High:
Spending one last day on the lake before the warm peaceful days of summer are completed for 2013.

Ava Jane wore her first ponytail, which I must say was adorable! But the rubber band broke so I used a bobby pin to make a french twist! How many 11 month olds do you know who have enough hair to twist it up? This sweet girl surely has plenty of hair and I'm having so much fun playing with it!

Lawson tried his hand at getting up on the ski board but he had a hard time, so after several good tries Peyton gave it a go and got up on the first try! We were thrilled, I think Lawson will catch on next summer, he's definitely got the "want too" so we'll see!

Ava Jane enjoyed her first ride on the tube, though her face does not show it in this picture. She liked it so much that she was lulled to sleep, much to Peyton's dismay! He really wanted to go faster!

Here's the chipper side of Emerson before the "cranker" started up.

Sunday's Low:
Usually the kids LOVE the lake...keyword, usually! Having fussy kids at the lake is very challenging! Emerson and Ava Jane both were quite fussy and in a confined space, that can be a little trying! Though they eventually either fell asleep or got over their "moment of crisis", it still made for some hairy moments! Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us out!

Monday's High:
Getting to have dinner cooked for me by my In Laws, that's always a treat! Bill can cook a mean burger and Donna's cheese dip is addictive! Thanks for having us over, it was all de.li.cious!

Monday's Low:
Having to put everything back together in the playroom. It's always fun to anticipate the changes in a room so pulling pictures off the walls and moving all the furniture to the middle of the room is no problem, but putting it all back together was kind of a pain. I do think it's going to be a fun room and that it will be enjoyed!

All in all, we had a great Labor Day weekend, a great time together with friends and family!

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