Sunday, January 15, 2017

Celebrating Emerson

Monday we celebrated Emerson's birthday, he has now been apart of our family for 6 whole years.   I still vividly remember the whirl wind story of his birth which consisted of me being in the hospital, Adam being at our house with packers and movers in the middle of the 2011 snow-pocalypse as we prepared to move to Birmingham with a two week old baby.  It was a truly crazy time of our life as I look back on it, but in the midst of it all, I simply enjoyed holding my red headed bundle of joy and having family around to help me with my 4 year old, 2 year old and my sweet baby boy.

Our Emerson Clark is growing to be such a kind young boy who laughs quite a lot and who has a real zeal for life.  Every morning he wakes up with a smile and a, "good morning Mom", spoken in his sweetest little boy voice.  Going in to wake him up each morning is a real pleasure because of how chipper he is, he truly loves each and every day.

This boy loves to have fun.  Whether its playing Lego's, having Nerf wars, playing games, watching movies or simply being with his brothers, he usually is found having a good time.
We have been so proud of him lately as he has been remembering to say "Yes Mama or No Mama" and his manners all around have been improving.  He easily memorizes scripture and enjoys the challenge of remembering several verses in a row.  (A fist bump goes a long way with him---it's the simple things in life, huh?!)  According to his teacher, he sees things differently.  There was a picture that she showed the kids in the class, everyone else said exactly what the picture was supposed to be but Emerson said that he saw something all together different.  After Mrs. Campbell re-looked at the picture, examining it for what Emerson saw, she said, "in all the years I've been teaching Kindergarten, no one has ever seen it that way, and when I inspected it myself, it certainly could've been exactly what Emerson saw."  I look forward to what God does with this little guy, he's articulate, has a depth of knowledge about God's word that is fun to see growing and hearing his perspective on things is really quite interesting.

We love our cowboy dressing, Lego making, fun-time having cute little guy.  Happy Birthday Emerson, we love you with all our hearts!!

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