Sunday, October 23, 2016

Turning 35...

This has been a week of celebrating.  I've had family dinners, lunch with friends and finally a date night turned surprise party with some of my closest friends and their spouses thanks to my loving husband who worked super hard to keep it a surprise and he was for sure successful at it!

Originally it was supposed to have just been a date night, then it turned into a a night out with Carol and John, which is always super fun.  We made reservations at Chenal in the fine dining room but when we arrived London (who works at the front desk) told us that there had been a water leak in the fine dining room so they were seating people in the Traditions room.   I totally bought her story, though I did think it was super weird, especially since the doors to the Traditions room were closed. Adam pushed through the doorway and as I walked in, I was taken aback by the "SURPRISE--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
Adam did a great job of planning, coordinating and delegating for this little soirée.  He thought of it all, flowers for the centerpieces, delicious hors d'oeuvres, a tasty cake and even an array of wines and beer to choose from.  He had a smattering of country music including our recent favorite, Sam Hunt, playing in the background and had asked many of my closest friends to spend the evening just visiting and enjoying time together.
There was a delectable cheese tray, pork tenderloin, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, crab beignets with a roumelade sauce, vegetable kabobs and several other delicious appetizers.  We always enjoy a good Malbec or even a Cab, so there were several wine options available.
Midway through the evening Adam got everyones attention and spoke kind, encouraging words to me, which I truly appreciated.  I love this man who worked so hard to make me feel special.
And this was my birthday cake.  In Adam's words, "it isn't what I requested...I told them I wanted pink icing and a chocolate cake...never did I ask for orange flowers."  Though it's not the most beautiful cake Community Bakery has ever made, it did taste pretty good and certainly made for a great laugh!
We couldn't find the candle that Adam had brought so John took matters into his own hands and grabbed a candle off one of the cocktail tables...and ginormous candle to wish upon.

The cake tasted a lot better then it looked and we clearly housed most of it.
The same evening, down in the grand ballroom, there was a welcome home, black tie event for Miss America, who is our own Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields!  This summer, Carol and I had gone to see our babysitter and friend, Abby, who was competing in the Miss Arkansas pageant as well and that's where we became acquainted with Savvy (Carol blogged about it here).   Let me just say, Savvy truly sparkles!  I was thrilled that she won Miss America and was hoping to get my picture with her, but this is as close as I could get unfortunately.  Carol, Stephanie and I couldn't resist stepping onto the red carpet and snapping a quick picture even though we weren't black tie appropriate.
My evening really was such fun!  Thanks to all who came out and helped to celebrate with me!  I'm blessed to have such great friends!  Thirty-five is starting out pretty good!

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  1. What a special celebration! Looks like an amazing evening! Hope you have a blessed year!


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