Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sip and See

On Sunday, some of my good friends and I hosted a Sip and See for a sweet friend of ours who recently adopted a little girl named Shelby.  She is the culmination of many many prayers and tears that were shed over the past few months.  Shelby is adorable and precious and what a privilege it is to walk this road with Brian and Christy.  The back story is quite sad and tragic really, but on this side, the story is hopeful, full of love and all because God is in the business of turning tragedy to triumph.  I'm so thankful that God gave Christy and Brian the desire of their heart and that He graciously placed Shelby in a home filled with overflowing love for her.  What a mighty God we serve!  Here's how we celebrated all that He has done.







It was appropriate that the Sip and See actually fell on Valentine's Day, because it was "love" that started this journey, and it is "love" that they are extending to this precious one.

Baby girls are so much fun to dress, I loved seeing all the cuteness!  Even Shelby enjoyed opening some gifts.  Her expressions were priceless, I wish I could've gotten a picture with her mouth open wide in excitement…I just couldn't seem to get the shot at the right moment.  She thoroughly loved the singing purple doll, it's one of those gifts that's fun for the first few days, but afterwards, has the propensity to find itself with batteries disconnected or in the pile headed to the Goodwill.


These ladies are precious to me, I love living life with them!

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