Saturday, November 7, 2015

Better Late Then Never

Halloween was officially a week ago today, and now I'm into November's blog posts, but I guess it's better late then never, right?  My week was filled with planning for a reception at school, loving on and caring for a sick little boy and prepping for my oldest sons 9th birthday party.  Between it all, the week was full of evening events and dinners out so this truly is the first moment I've had to document our holiday of sugary goodness.

Each year my good friend Carol, hosts a Halloween party with cute spooky food and dry-ice punch which definitely adds to the ambiance.  To see more details about the party check out Carol's blog.

Before heading to the party, all of the neighborhood kids were out so we had to try and get a picture of them together.  Stars Wars characters represent!

We also made a very quick stop by my parents house to say "Trick or Treat!"

This was my four-some this year.  I should have probably looked for a Princess Leia costume for Ava Jane but she really wanted to be Elsa, so that's what we did!

There was much eating to be had, there were mummy hotdogs, ghostly strawberries, spooky punch and more tasty goodness then could be eaten!

And as soon as the twenty-some-odd kids ages eight and under (insert Emoji smiley face with wide open eyes) scarfed down their food then we were headed out to trick or treat!  One of the guys in our group brought along his four wheeler and trailer which made the walking part (up and down hills) so much easier for everyone.  Kids didn't have to whine when their legs were tired and parents ears didn't need to be pulled off to make it through the evening; it was a win-win situation!!  Here they are, all piled into the trailer!



At each stop they jumped out quickly without a second to lose in their quest for candy goodness!  Their 2015 Halloween experience is "in the books".  I can't believe we're sliding right into the holidays!! 


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