Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bloom Playdate

Last Friday, my BLOOM group had a playdate. With fall approaching and the beauty of the weather, we decided to meet at Bo Brook Farms. When we arrived mid-morning, there were quite a few bus loads of kids, but as the morning wore on the crowd diminished and we had more room to roam. The kids had a great time!

While we waited for everyone to arrive Emerson decided to do some "posing"…he actually asks me to take his pictures these days, though sometimes he still has trouble looking at the camera. Ava Jane enjoyed climbing the hay mound and going down the culvert-tube slide.



There was a small barn of animals that included goats, chickens and a baby cow. The kids enjoyed petting and observing the farm pets.


The hay maze kept them running round and round and the corn pit had them "swimming" for quite a while. The kids had a blast. After the crowd subsided we lined up to take our hay ride, and that was a real highlight for Emerson and Ava Jane.






This was as good a group picture we could get.

After our ride we went to gather a few pumpkins from the patch.


And these sweet girls, these double-named girls, who get to spend several days a week together (at Mother's Day Out and Bible Study) are such good friends! I love that they get to spend so much time together.

It was a fun morning spent with little friends.  On our way out a few items caught my eyes.  I loved all their cute Arkansas artwork, how cute are these signs?  And all the odd shapes and colors of pumpkins was fun to see.  I really do love Fall, the changing colors of the leaves and look forward to the cooler days that are just around the corner.


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