Friday, August 14, 2015

12th Anniversary: Trip to NYC Part 2

One night we did an open air bus tour of Time Square, the Empire State Building, the New York skyline and other famous landmarks.  It was fun to see everything from up in the air away from the crowds on the streets.  I was amazed at the throngs of people.





Thursday afternoon we did a ferry boat over to Ellis Island and saw the Statue of Liberty.  The scene was very pretty and I thought about what it must have been like for all those immigrants years ago who first set their eyes on Lady Liberty; it must have been an amazing moment each time it occurred.






You can see the One World Trade Center from Battery Park, where the ferry left and there's a great view of the skyline from the Hudson River.


That evening we had dinner at The View Restaurant (the only revolving restaurant in NYC).  High atop the 48th floor of the Marriott Marquis, we savored excellent contemporary American cuisine with spectacular views of many iconic landmarks.  Here we were in the elevator headed to the top.



My handsome date, who "posed" for this pic with my strawberry cheesecake that I DID in fact share with him.

We went to see The Lion King and were thoroughly impressed with the show, the music and above all the costumes.   It's a definite must see!



And no trip to NYC would be complete without a ride or two on the subway.  I must say it was quite the experience and I grew to tremendously love the fact that I can park my car right inside my garage, get in, pull out, park up close to a restaurant or any store, jump out and go in….but not in New York.  No, it is literally a shoulder to shoulder, almost chest to chest riding situation, at least when we were on it.  To say there's no personal space is a complete and total understatement.  Also another thing that stood out was the "me" centered mentality of those we encountered.  Almost everyone had head phones or ear buds in their ears and/or was on their phone.  There was little to no interaction with people while confined within those small subway cars.

(This picture shows how close I was standing to Adam at one point…thankfully I know him--if he was a stranger, I'm pretty sure I'd have just gotten off as quickly as possible!)


Well, that's a little bit of what we did on our recent trip.  We enjoyed the time together and certainly the opportunity to have quality time away (a big thanks goes out to our parents!)  I'm more and more thankful for the man that God gave me twelve years ago this month, the man I chose and the one who chooses me every day, with my good, bad and ugly parts.  We have had many good times as well as some really hard times.  There's been a year long deployment--time spent in a war zone where we got to have Instant Message "dates" before Skype or Face Time became a thing, there have been six moves to three states, four precious children, one shocking Congenital Heart Defect and our baby girls heart surgery where we spent eighteen long days in CVICU at Children's Hospital.  There have been and will continue to be disagreements as well as the day to day, moment to moments of working together to make a loving family and a healthy marriage.  It all takes work and intentionality but he is so worth it, and I'm so grateful for the way he loves me well.  We've had the chance to make many memories and gotten to go a lot of places, so I look forward to what these next twelve years will hold.  I love you Adam today and always!!

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