Monday, February 16, 2015

A Weeks Worth Of Catch Up

This past week has been busy, busy, busy:

On Friday, February 6th, my sister became a Mother. It was fun to be able to be with her at the hospital during her labor and to watch her do what God (in His creativity) created women to do. Sweet baby Lachlan was born weighing 8 lbs 12 oz and measuring in at 22 inches long. I was thrilled to finally meet him, he is precious!



The IF conference, Friday and Saturday, was really a wonderful experience. Getting to hear Jen Hatmaker, Ann Voskamp and others speak truth, was really moving. And getting to worship one God along with hundreds of thousands of women all around the world, all at one time was truly a neat experience.  I'm still processing all that was said that night.

Then Saturday we had a fun evening getting all dressed up, helping to raise money for the American Heart Association. The Heart Ball is always a great event for a wonderful cause!


Monday was workout class and some errands with the little ones. Then the afternoon held piano lessons for both of the big boys. Piano comes more easily for Peyton while practice is quite challenging for Lawson.  And since we all go into the church for the hour long lesson we naturally take a bag full of distractions: crayons, legos, iPads, leap frogs and my computer. Adam had a meeting at work so we met some friends for dinner at CFA which is always fun.  Then I took the kids home for baths and bedtime routines.


Big lunch

Tuesday held BLOOM for me.  I love my group and very much appreciate their willingness to share, be transparent and vulnerable with one another.  I'm thankful to have them as iron sharpening iron in my life.  (This picture--that doesn't include everyone--was taken back at Christmas when we had a cookie exchange and I somehow never posted it, sorry ladies.)

Adam had a board meeting that evening so he wasn't able to make it to our discipleship group at church.  Thanks to my parents for watching our kiddos every other Tuesday night so we can attend.

Wednesday I dropped the littles off at MDO and had a full day of shopping for some more household accessories.  Adam and I have been saving up to do a little redecorating and I'm anxiously awaiting all my furniture that is being upholstered that will be on its way here in the next month or so.  (I'll be sure to post some before and after pictures on the blog once it's all in.)

Thursday was a big day of celebrating Valentine's parties at the school. Peyton's class did a "tea-party" theme while Lawson's class enjoyed some games, crafts and chocolate pizza from Larry's.


I love these two, are they not the cutest, even with the candy ring pop?

About five weeks ago our dishwasher bit the dust. It took us a few weeks to finally get to Metro Builders to pick a new one and then had to wait another few weeks for it to come in. We have had a few issues with our tile floor and actually had to replace it twice, so when the plumber had trouble getting the dishwasher out, it wasn't a total surprise since we'd had to replace the sub-floor. And thankfully it wasn't a big, harry deal, but the tile guys had to come out and remove tiles so that the dishwasher could come out.  These are all such 1st world problems (and mainly just inconveniences), but I must say, I am loving having my dishwasher back!

Then Friday, my parents offered to have the kids spend the night so we took them up on the chance to go have a quiet dinner together, what a treat that always is. I love this "valentine" that God brought into my life almost sixteen years ago.   I'm so thankful for this man and for his commitment to me and our marriage.  This year, I was encouraged by an older, wiser woman to not make V-Day a huge thing for my kids (though they did still get a few little treats).  Her point was that they know how much I love them each and every day with our playdates and Sonic runs and cupcakes and cookies that are all regular occurences.  Rather, her suggestion was to focus on the ways my husband feels most loved (through quality time and touch) so that's what I tried to do this year.  We truly enjoyed our night out together, so thanks Mom and Dad!

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