Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Checking off boxes

Today's been a really fun day...not only have I gotten to spend time with a former Little Rock native (Kate Smith) I also got to enjoy this most beautiful day as well, while our children ran out a ton of energy on the playground, which in turn meant I got a nice quiet naptime to get stuff done!  And when I say stuff, I mean schedule a doctors appointment for my lovely yearly checkup, schedule a hair appointment to get a much needed cut and hi light, and I even had time to actually look at this blogger thing and make some decisions on what scrapbook package I like and what fonts I want to use with it.  I'm a huge "box checker"...something about seeing lots of check marks makes me feel accomplished even if its small tasks like I just mentioned least they got done and I put a "check" by each menial task! 

My good friend Lindsey is quite talented and she'll be making this blog cute and fun in the next month or so, but til then I'll just start posting.  This blog stuff is totally new to me but I'm looking forward to doing it, hopefully I'll be able to share daily life experiences and funny moments that happen with my three peeps, because not a day goes by, really not an hour goes by, that something funny strange or funny haha happens and I'd like to share them with friends and family as well as document them for myself!

Til next time...

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